Pirates and Cartels (Office of Analysis and Solutions Book 1)

Pirates and Cartels (Office of Analysis and Solutions Book 1)

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Branson Stars and Flags Gold Medal.
MWSA Silver Medal.

Husband and wife team of Lee and Vista Boyland introduce Pirates and Cartel, the first novel in their new fast-paced Office of Analysis and Solutions (OAS) series. In this continuation of America Reborn, familiar characters from the authors’ award-winning trilogy interact with gang members, drug cartel kingpins, Mexican government officials, and Somali pirates and jihadists to tell a story filled with action and intrigue.

American forces destroy a massive cartel drug shipment guarded by rogue Mexican Army personnel at a river ford on the Rio Grande. President Alexander invites Mexico’s president, Vincente Wolf, and his foreign minister, Luis Solís, to a secret meeting to formulate a plan to put an end to the cartels. After finally conceding that cartels were destabilizing Mexico, Wolf agrees to a black ops plan “Operation Ninja,” that is designed to destroy the cartels and American gangs.

Alexander creates a new department in the Executive Branch. Buried in the new department is the Office of Analysis and Solutions (OAS), the president’s black operations unit established to deal with problems requiring immediate solutions. Alexander sends Special Agent Teresa Lopez to Mexico City as his secret conduit to Mexico’s president and foreign minister. Part of the “Analysis” team, Teresa’s job is ferret out informers by working with the general commanding the Federal Police.

Alexander’s difficulties dealing with Mexico are complicated when Al-Shabaab, the militant wing of the Somalia Council of Islamic Courts joins forces with the Ely Pirate Fleet. After capturing a small ocean liner in the Indian Ocean, the jihadi leader threatens to kill the passengers—American teachers and medical personnel being transported to Saudi Arabia—if American forces interfere. The Jihadis are seeking vengeance for the destruction of the caliphate while the pirates seek ransom. The hostages must be rescued.

Counting on a profile that indicates macho cartel men think of women as playthings, OAS sends two women Deltas, Captain Erica Borgg and Lieutenant Melissa Adams south of the border to identify the kingpins as the other part of the “Analysis” team. Borgg and Adams follow their orders, but when the opportunities to provide “Instant Solutions” arise, they are always read. SEALS and Deltas join the women for a lake front party with spectacular consequences.
Teresa, Erica, Melissa, and General Mendoza search for the cartel’s maniacal spy, La Mosca, The Fly. Remaining cartel kingpins decide to assassinate Mexico’s president.

Non-stop action is the order of the day as various plots come together to create a heart-pounding finale.

Readers report reading into the early morning hours, attempting to finish this dynamic novel.

A terrifying rollercoaster ride through a world pummeled by terrorists, drug cartels, and piracy, “Pirates and Cartels” is thoughtful, charming and well-researched. The good guys are really good, the bad guys are so very bad…and the read is quick, impactful and fun. Another winner for Lee and Vista Boyland!
~ Joyce Faulkner, President Military Writers Society of America, author of “In the Shadow of Suribachi,” “Chance … and other horrors,” “Username,” and “Losing Patience”

Pauline Jelinek - Associated Press, April 8, 2011
The U.S. military commander for Africa says he believes Islamists fighting the U.N.-backed Somali government are getting some funding from piracy there and that al-Qaida militants will link with the pirates one day too. Army Gen. Carter Ham told senators at a hearing Thursday that the extremist threat coming from East Africa is the biggest concern of his U.S. Africa Command. Ham says he believes the al-Shabaab movement fighting the government gets at least some economic support from pirate activity. Ham says that given that al-Qaida has links to al-Shabaab, it's only a matter of time before al-Qaida becomes associated with pirates

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