How to Publish and Sell Your Article on the Kindle: 12 Tips for Short Documents

How to Publish and Sell Your Article on the Kindle: 12 Tips for Short Documents

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Item Description

(Updated January 2013: Additional Supplements) Booklet for beginners on how to publish and sell short documents for the Amazon Kindle, such as short stories, magazine articles, essays, memoirs and instructional materials.

Topics include:
• How to get royalties from selling articles.
• Proper pricing.
• How to submit articles to the "Kindle Singles" (special Amazon category).
• Best ways to sell articles.
• Representing articles accurately in e-Reader bookstores.
• Avoiding unnecessary costs.
• Image formatting.

Tips are also applicable for a variety of mobile devices such as the Barnes and Noble Nook and Apple ipad. You will learn how to publish your article in a word processor, without having to learn HTML coding.

Instructional Appendices Include:
• How to create table of contents and internal links.
• Solving formatting problems.
• Converting your article to a Kindle device.
• Easy preview options before you publish.
• A curated list of the 50 best resources for finding free Kindle books, software, podcasts, help forums and the best blogs on Kindle publishing (10,300 words).

About the Author: Kate Harper has taught art and computer classes in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys creating visual step-by-step guides for non-technical users. She is a credentialed adult education instructor in the state of California, and is inspired by technologies that encourage people to be more creative.

Product Details

  • Author: Kate Harper
  • Publication Date: 2013-01-02
  • Product Group: eBooks
  • Binding: Kindle Edition, 78 pages

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