The Rings of Allah (Clash-of-Civilizations Trilogy)

The Rings of Allah (Clash-of-Civilizations Trilogy)

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This is the Second Edition.

Al-Qaeda obtains old Soviet nuclear test devices left over from the late 1940s, "Little Boy" type nuclear devices that can be disassembled and then reassembled. The devices become Usama bin Laden's most secret ace in the hole. Only three people, including bin Laden know of the devices, code named "Allah's Rings." Mohammed, bin Laden's lieutenant, is in charge of the project. The U.S. cell leader, Ralph Eid, a native borne citizen formulates a plan to bring the components of the devices into the U.S. and hide them in plain sight in the target cities. General Alexander becomes aware of the plot in the eleventh hour attempts to stop Muraaqibu al-Khawaatim (Keeper of the Rings) from executing the plan. The technology is real, the plot entirely feasible, and the consequence is predicted in the 9/11 Commission Report, "Another attack is probably coming; it may be terrible." A realistic story showing that, yes, it can be done. The author has the background and knowledge to write a realistic, technically sound plot that will leave no doubt as to the vulnerability of western civilization to terrorism and the threat of weapons of mass destruction. The Rings of Allah provides a thrilling and realistic story of one such plan.

"The Rings of Allah is an exciting, at times harrowing journey into the future. The novel ensnares the reader and the ending is not for the faint of heart. A must read." -- Joe Weber, New York Times best-selling author

Thank Allah it's fiction, because it will scare the hell out of you!

Author Lee Boyland puts his extensive special weapons background to use in spinning this completely believable tale of al-Qaeda's next step after 9-11. Leftover Soviet technology from the beginning of the Cold War falls into al-Qaeda's hands, and they establish an intricate network in order to place five atomic devices in five US cities. The US gets word of the attack, but will it be in time? Boyland does a great job of mixing good character development with great technical background in order to create this story. Technical readers will appreciate his attention to detail as he relates and educates the reader on the workings of gun-type atomic weapons. Literature advocates will respect how he uses significant events to develop his main characters. Many new writers fall into the trap of trying to tell too much of the story, but Boyland avoids this by jumping sometimes a year ahead in the story in order to keep things moving. A great action story that is just a bit too possible, this is definitely worth it for action and techo fans alike. -- Military Writers Society of America

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  • Author: Lee Boyland
  • Publication Date: 2012-09-05
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  • Binding: Kindle Edition, 392 pages
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