The Great Ships - The Coast Guard Ships (History Channel)

The Great Ships - The Coast Guard Ships (History Channel)

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The United States Coast Guard has policed the nation's waters since the 1790s. From the first official vessels of the U.S. Government to today's specialized lifesaving craft, the ships of the Guard have played a vital role in maritime history. This in-depth program goes aboard some of the many craft employed by the Coast Guard, from the small boats used for shoreline rescue operations to the deep-sea patrol ships that form the vanguard in America's war against drugs. See dramatic footage of real-life search and rescue operations, and hear incredible stories of life-and-death missions from Coast Guard sailors and officers. And trace the evolution of the Guards' ships from the earliest Revenue Cutters to the myriad vessels of the modern force.

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  • Artist: Great Ships
  • Publication Date: 1997
  • Publisher: A&E Home Video
  • Product Group: DVD
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