Japanese Secret Projects: Experimental Aircraft of the Ija and Ijn 1939-1945

Japanese Secret Projects: Experimental Aircraft of the Ija and Ijn 1939-1945

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Secret and X-Plane aircraft projects remain highly popular with historians, enthusiasts, modellers and the flight sim community. Surprisingly, secret Japanese planes of World War 2 remain an area which has been largely ignored due to scarcity of information. They do, however, have a large base of interest as unlike the majority of secret Luftwaffe programs that were resigned to the drawing board, the vast number of aircraft featured within this book actually flew or were in development. The book is divided into two sections dedicated to the two air forces of the IJA and IJN, with over 42 aircraft examined, each with its history, variants, performance, and any combat records laid out in an easy to read fashion. Much information about their secret technical exchanges with the Luftwaffe throughout the war is also uncovered. This is beautifully complimented by stunning colour renditions of the aircraft in combat and colour profiles of genuine markings and camouflage. Notable emphasis is placed upon the transonic rammer aircraft, strategic long-range bombers, and the ways in which the Japanese adapted German technology to their needs, particularly the Me262 and Me 163 Komet. Secret Japanese armaments are also covered in detail, with information on guided missiles, aerial rockets, and unique bombs. It is a gripping read for aviation and military enthusiasts around the world!

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  • Author: Edwin Dyer
  • Publication Date: 2009-12-15
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