Uncle John's True Crime: A Classic Collection of Crooks, Cops, and Capers

Uncle John's True Crime: A Classic Collection of Crooks, Cops, and Capers

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Do you like to read great stories? This book is loaded with them! We’ve rounded up the best cops-and-robber articles we’ve ever done--plus a rogue’s gallery of new offenders. You’ll read about dumb crooks and criminal masterminds, mafia henchman and low-level goons, ancient warriors and Old West gunslingers, crazed cops and jovial judges, and even a few loony lawyers and crooked Wall Street types. It’s the True Crime book that only Uncle John could make! Here are some of the unusual suspects . . .

- New York City’s “Mad Bomber”
- The Biddle Brothers and the Queen of the Jail
- Law and Order: Special Pants Unit
- Dopes who hide their dope in the strangest places
- America’s first private eye
- NASCAR’s bootlegging beginnings
- The real pirates of the Caribbean
- Why CSI makes the cops’ job even harder
- Billy the Kid and other outlaws who died with their boots on
- George Luger, Samuel Colt, and other fathers of guns
- The greatest train robberies
- Arrested for farting
- And much more!

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  • Publication Date: 2011-11-15
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