Imaginings: Selected Stories

Imaginings: Selected Stories

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Dean Warren has had a distinguished and varied career. As a young veteran of the Bikini Atom bomb tests, he attended UCLA, The London School of Economics, and Harvard. While in London, he and two other graduate students drove from London to New Delhi, India. Later, he sold Lockheed Aircraft in Southwest Asia and was promoted to Director of Marketing for Lockheed International. The State Department then lured him to run Program Planning for the Agency of International Development. He finished his working career as Director of Strategic Planning for Lockheed Martin Electronics and Missiles Group in Orlando, Florida. His experiences and writing skills have led him in retirement to publish illustrated memoirs of his nuclear and car trip adventures, as well as five science fiction, speculative novels. They have also produced short stories, from which collection he has selected twenty four. They all involve modern issues and propose adventurous solutions. They include: the clash of science with culture the gender war means of avoiding the ills of age and death the future of mankind deployment of Star Wars the politics of a space empire facing the disasters brought by global warming death dealing with the invasion of aliens genetic hybridization peacemaking inventing faster than light travel settling a new planet corporate behavior a Palestine solution

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  • Author: Dean Warren
  • Publication Date: 2012-08-06
  • Publisher: XLIBRIS
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