Berlin In Early Cold-War Army Booklets: 1946-1958

Berlin In Early Cold-War Army Booklets: 1946-1958

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This is a reprint of a series of six army booklets on Berlin, covering the period from 1946 to 1958, two years after the Russians shut down the CIA cross-sector tunnel that served as the background for the novel Voices Under Berlin. The booklets represent part of the research that went into the novel. The booklets are written from a single institutional viewpoint, that of the United States Military Command in Berlin. When read in parallel, the booklets create a sense of living history, because, while they cover the same topics of interest about Berlin, their coverage of these topics changes as the series progresses, and you can see the political relationships of the time change before your eyes.

The reprint is indexed and the changes in the text from one edition to the next of the individual booklets are highlighted for ease of comparison. To help better define the historical context of the booklets the reprint is provided with a "Berlin Chronology". For all vets of Berlin Brigade.

Also in this series: Berlin in Early Berlin-Wall Era CIA, State Department, and Army Booklets (2014).

Forthcoming: Berlin in Détente-era Berlin Brigade Booklets (2015).

LoC Call Number: DD859 .B42 2008

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