Combat Police: U.S. Army Military Police in Vietnam

Combat Police: U.S. Army Military Police in Vietnam

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In the early 1970's, the U.S. Army published a set of monographs on the Vietnam War entitled 'Vietnam Study Series.' This series covered most of the major aspects of the conflict from airmobile operations to financial management, but did not include the activities of the military police. Combat Police completes the series by presenting a systematic analysis of military police organization and operations during the Vietnam War. Included are extensive Tables of Organization and Equipment, Orders of Battle, maps, and detailed tables of unit locations, strengths, and operational commitments. There are also a handful of personal accounts which provide an individual military policeman's 'foxhole' perspective,' as well as actual news articles from The Roundup, an official newspaper of the military police serving in Vietnam. These articles provide insight into how the military police viewed itself in its efforts towards winning the 'war with no strategy.' Structured similarly to the Vietnam Study Series format, Combat Police demonstrates how, in the guerrilla war with No Frontlines, military policemen were often thrust into situations where they had to be combat soldiers first and policemen secondtruly a combat police!

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