Nomonhan: Japanese-Soviet Tactical Combat, 1939

Nomonhan: Japanese-Soviet Tactical Combat, 1939

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"Nomonhan" was a strong beginning for the Combat Studies Institute's publishing program. Author Drea's mastery of the Japanese-language source material, his interviews, his thorough use of U.S. archival material all make this a superb study that stands the test of time. Goldman and Coox have written on Nomonhan sice this volume was released, however neither does what Drea does here: render a complete, battalion-level account of the battles from the Japanese perspective. This is tactical level combat explained at its best. Previously available only in hard-to read html and Acrobat files, this completely redesigned book includes 19 maps, dozens of tables and pictures (including combat photographs), appendices, notes, and a bibliography. About the author: Dr. Edward J. Drea was a research fellow with the Combat Studies Institute. He received his masters degree in history from Sophia University, Tokyo and his PhD from the University of Kansas. He lived and studied in Japan for six years.

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  • Author: Edward J. Drea
  • Publication Date: 2008-04-05
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