Time Bomb Ticking (Die-Hard Patriots, a Political Thriller Series) (Volume 1)

Time Bomb Ticking (Die-Hard Patriots, a Political Thriller Series) (Volume 1)

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The President suspects China is preparing to expand its borders in a hostile way and orders Captain Larry McGraw and his Los Angeles class sub, the USS Charlotte, to trespass into China’s territorial waters. Riding on the hull of the sub is the Advanced SEAL Delivery System, a mini sub designed to transport SEALs into dangerous places. The Charlotte’s orders are to insert SEALs into the shallow Bo Hai Bay while they conduct covert missions, only 100 miles from the capital city of Beijing. If detected, the only place to hide is the deep waters of the Ryukyu Trench, a painful 600 miles to the east. Captain Jim Beecher and the USS Asheville will be stationed near the bays entrance to act as a decoy, should trouble arise. McGraw isn't sure what his biggest challenge will be; the shallow waters teaming with Chinese naval vessels or his rival Captain Beecher. Time Bomb Ticking is Book 1 of the Die-Hard Patriots, a Political Thriller Series. John Lincoln (Author of Blood and Honour) said: "If you like Patrick Robinson and Tom Clancy, you will like this too."

Product Details

  • Author: Hyrum Laney
  • Publication Date: 2012-12-20
  • Publisher: Hyrum Laney
  • Product Group: Book
  • Manufacturer: Hyrum Laney
  • Binding: Paperback, 286 pages
  • Item Dimensions:
    • Dimensions: 500L x 72W x 800H
  • Package Dimensions:
    • Dimensions: 790L x 500W x 90H
    • Weight: 80
  • List Price: $10.99
  • ISBN: 0988796023
  • ASIN: 0988796023

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