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Washington DC is a world of acronyms. FBI, CIA, NSA, DOD… the list goes on and on. One commonality of these agencies is that you have heard of them. In fact, almost every adult all over the world has heard of them, which can be a problem if you are trying to run a secret organization. The moment a member of the CIA has to come before Congress and ask for funds for an operation, it is no longer a secret. So what happens when the operation is a matter of national security that requires the type of action that makes the ACLU berserk? You’d better come up with another tool in your kit, particularly if time is of the essence. In the CIA, “wet work” defines the type of operation whereby the agent’s hands may get wet—with blood. Operations such as these would typically be argued as being illegal, unconstitutional, immoral, and against the very pillars of liberty and justice that are the foundation of America. American agents aren’t supposed to assassinate, murder, kidnap, extort, steal and break laws both foreign and domestic. Aren’t supposed to. But what if the operation is of a type so dangerous, so important, and so time sensitive to save American lives that “following the rules” will guarantee failure and the deaths of tens of thousands of American civilians? What if the agents involved will be doing more than wet work? What if they won’t be wet with blood—but soaked in it? Well then, they would need a mop. Unlike the FBI, CIA, NSA and DOD—MOP doesn’t stand for anything. It is simply the name given to the small top secret team of American agents within the government that answers to only one man—the Director of the CIA. The Director of the CIA, risking perjury and personal liability, will deny, to his death, the existence of such an organization. Standing before a Congressional Subcommittee, he would lie under oath before ever acknowledging one iota of information about the MOP. Every President of the United States since Reagan knew that there was “something” out there, to be used at the discretion of the Director of the CIA, but none ever asked. There are some things that even the President of the United States of America just doesn’t want to know. And so long as you like to sleep safely in your bed at night, with your children safely in theirs, you don’t want to know either. When it gets messy, you better get out The Mop.

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  • Author: David M. Salkin
  • Publication Date: 2012-06-02
  • Publisher: David M. Salkin
  • Product Group: Book
  • Manufacturer: David M. Salkin
  • Binding: Paperback, 224 pages
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  • ISBN: 0984923128
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