Black Eagle Force: Blood Ivory (Volume 4)

Black Eagle Force: Blood Ivory (Volume 4)

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If you like POLITICAL THRILLERS, Clancy, Dale Brown, Coonts, DeFelice and Hunter, look no futher. BLACK EAGLE FORCE: BLOOD IVORY Elephant ivory and rhino horn poachers kidnap US Senator Brietbart and his daughter Sarah in Kenya while on a photo safari. The world's largest cruise liner, Royal Pleiades, on its maiden voyage in the Indian Ocean, is hijacked north of Madagascar by al Qaeda and Somali pirates. Onboard are Mike Hermann and Mickey Williams, sons of the President of the United States, and their brides Jill McElheney and Maria Sanchez on their honeymoons. Their identities and the fact they are all operatives of the Top Secret Alpha Tier One group, the BLACK EAGLE FORCE is unknown to the hijackers--much to their sorrow. The BEF is tasked with dual missions--Recapture the ocean liner and rescue the Senator and his daughter. Mark Ingram, Kenyan Wildlife Service agent and former US Marine, on the trail of the kidnappers is joined by BEF Raptors. BLACK EAGLE FORCE: BLOOD IVORY, another edge-of-your-seat tale from master storytellers Ken Farmer and Buck Stienke. - Loree Lough, author of nearly 100 award-winning novels, including A MAN OF HONOR. President Annette Henry Thompson seeks a permanent solution to Islam's attacks on western civilization and unleashes the full fury of the Black Eagle Force and the US military on al Qaeda, the Somali pirates and Muslim extremists. "We want you, General, as Commander of SOCOM, to take the helm for all other aspects of Operation Firestorm," SecDef Baker continued. "I'm honored to accept the responsibility, Madame President, Mr. Secretary. What are the ROEs?" "There are none, General White...There are none," replied President Thompson.

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  • Publication Date: 2013-01-29
  • Publisher: Timber Creek Press
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  • Manufacturer: Timber Creek Press
  • Binding: Paperback, 496 pages
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