God + Military Spouse: United Our Families Will Stand

God + Military Spouse: United Our Families Will Stand

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When the Iraq war first broke out there was ramped support for the military but as time went on personal support dwindled. Yet given the extended tour of duty, support became increasingly necessary to help women and their children get through long deployments and absences of husbands and fathers. As the wife of a Navy man, Kathleen Cline discovered that while there are many helpful books for women, there were none specifically for military wives and the particular challenges they face. During her overseas tour she also learned the importance of the Naval Chapel and the support it gives to military families. At the last three duty stations she volunteered at the Naval Chapel, teaching children church, leading woman’s Bible study and helping to organize VBS. Now, due to the war, the Naval Chapel’s focus must be on the active duty member which has left a gap of Biblical education for the family members. God + Military Spouse is the result of this need, and Kathleen Cline is qualified to offer it. From predeployment anxiety, to loneliness, depression and even temptation, God + Military Spouse is the support group manual for military wives and study groups who are serious about preserving the treasure of Marriage and family.

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  • Author: Kathleen Cline
  • Publication Date: 2009-01-09
  • Publisher: HighWay
  • Product Group: Book
  • Manufacturer: HighWay
  • Binding: Paperback, 120 pages
  • Brand: HighWay
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    • Dimensions: 830L x 540W x 60H
    • Weight: 35
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    • Dimensions: 830L x 550W x 40H
    • Weight: 35
  • List Price: $9.95
  • ISBN: 0981764355
  • ASIN: 0981764355

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