Back from War: Finding Hope & Understanding In Life After Combat

Back from War: Finding Hope & Understanding In Life After Combat

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Back From War: Finding Hope and Understanding In Life After Combat is the harrowing narrative of 1st Lt. Lee Alley and his year in the horrors of combat in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam from 1967-1968 and his reflections on the years since.

Additionally, it is the true accounts of twelve other contributors, their time at war and stories of their return home. All of them discuss feelings of maladjustment, loneliness, depression, bouts of PTSD and negative family repercussions that are similarly felt by many of our nation's veterans of foreign wars.

Lee Alley made a life for himself, but never spoke of his war experiences. Thirty-two years later, he and his "brothers-in-arms" began to reconnect and have recently begun to heal some of their suffering by gathering at veteran reunions. Lee Alley's message is clear: America's soldiers are forever changed, but they are never alone.

Back From War is dedicated to all veterans and their families as a guide for the readjustment to civilian life.

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  • Publication Date: 2007-06-05
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