The Book in the Wall

The Book in the Wall

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The Book in the Wall is a political-science-fiction story that takes place in the year 2084 and presents a night- mare version of the world we may become if we do not wake up to the reality of today. The author creates a future society where the government outlaws any technology it considers offensive and punishes the most minor of offences with a public execution. The story is completely convincing and draws heavily on contemporary events. It is a prophetic view of the world our grandchildren may have to endure if we do not act now to prevent the nightmare from becoming a reality.

Product Details

  • Author: John F Simpson
  • Publication Date: 2006-12-20
  • Publisher: Rubric Publication Inc
  • Product Group: Book
  • Manufacturer: Rubric Publication Inc
  • Binding: Paperback, 410 pages
  • Brand: Brand: Rubric Publication Inc
  • Features:
    • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Package Dimensions:
    • Dimensions: 690L x 420W x 100H
    • Weight: 85
  • List Price: $14.95
  • ISBN: 0975509950
  • ASIN: 0975509950

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