Daddy, You're My Hero! (paperback OOP- see boardbook)

Daddy, You're My Hero! (paperback OOP- see boardbook)

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Around the world, whether or not we are at war or involved in a military action, soldiers are deployed to service leaving their families behind. Everyday, children of military personnel are being confronted with the difficulties of having a parent deployed in the service of our country. Children's book author and military brat, Michelle Ferguson-Cohen, has written, "Daddy, you're my hero!" and "Mommy, you're my hero!" to help military and reservist's families speak with children about deployment.

Little Redhaired Girl Publishing, Inc. hears from many educators, parents, psychologists and military FRGs (Family Readiness Groups) who are using the books as a resource to help speak with their children about the deployment of a parent and war in general.

The books address deployment from a child's perspective. They talk about this separation in a simple manner to assure and comfort small children. The books also suggest tips to maintain communication and deal with feelings of helplessness.

"I wrote these books from my heart. I know what it's like to experience what these children are facing," says Ferguson-Cohen. "My own father was deployed in the service of our country many times when I was young."

It was important to the author that children of military personnel see themselves represented in the media and that the message they received was of both "pride and sensitivity". "You should address a child’s fears," she says "But it’s important the message isn’t so dramatic it worries them further. I also wanted to give children permission to be proud of their parents."

Product Details

  • Author: Michelle Ferguson-Cohen
  • Publication Date: 2001-12-01
  • Publisher: Little Redhaired Girl Pub Inc
  • Product Group: Book
  • Manufacturer: Little Redhaired Girl Pub Inc
  • Binding: Paperback, 12 pages
  • List Price: $12.99
  • ISBN: 0972926402
  • ASIN: 0972926402

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