Combat police: U.S. Army military police in Vietnam

Combat police: U.S. Army military police in Vietnam

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A systematic analysis of the organization and operations of the military police committed to combat in the Vietnam War. The book contains extensive Tables of Organization and Equipment, Orders of Battle, maps, and detailed tables of unit locations, strengths, and operational commitments. There are also a handful of personal accounts which provide an individual military policeman's "foxhole" perspective," as well as actual articles from the Round-Up, an official newspaper of the military police serving in Vietnam. These articles provide insight into how the military police viewed itself in its efforts towards winning the "war with no strategy."

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  • Author: Rick Young
  • Publication Date: 1997-05-01
  • Publisher: Sendraak's Writings
  • Product Group: Book
  • Manufacturer: Sendraak's Writings
  • Binding: Paperback, 259 pages
  • Brand: Brand: Sendraak's Writings
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    • Used Book in Good Condition
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    • Dimensions: 890L x 590W x 80H
    • Weight: 85
  • ISBN: 0965668401
  • ASIN: 0965668401

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