The 421st Night Fighter Squadron: In World War II (Schiffer Military History)

The 421st Night Fighter Squadron: In World War II (Schiffer Military History)

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As one of seventeen night fighter squadrons established during the course of World War II, the 421st Night Fighter Squadron carried the war into the night skies over the battlefields of the Southwest Pacific when most other fighter squadrons remained on the ground. In the squadrons years of service they would be based in a number of places ranging from New Guinea, Leyte, and finally ending up as an Occupational squadron in Japan after the war. The 421st NFS would be credited with thirteen kills, three damaged, one probable, and a number they simply never received credit for. On February 2, 1945 the 421st NFS would finally be deactivated and overnight become the 68th Fighter Squadron (All Weather). The history of the 421st however, would by no means end there. The 421st would again rise in later years as the 421st Tactical Fighter Squadron and fight in the skies of Vietnam, and later be one of the first squadrons flying in Operation Desert Storm true to its tradition the 421st would fly night missions over Iraq.

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