"Digger Dogface Brownjob Grunt"

"Digger Dogface Brownjob Grunt"

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(October 2009)Digger Dogface... is the winner of "Best New Fiction"and "Fiction & Literature: Literary Fiction" in The National Best Books 2009 Awards. (May 2010) Digger is a winner in ForeWord Reviews' Book of the Year Awards 2009. (May 2010) Digger is the Winner for "The Best Fiction Book 2010" in the International Book Awards. Gary Prisk brings to the art and craft of fiction the sensibility and the facility of a poet, rendering his narrative with a depth and texture that is unique and rare. Raw, gritty and saturated with black humor, "Digger..." is tender in a way most will struggle to understand. *****APEX REVIEWS 5-star. Over the past four decades, countless books have been written about the Vietnam War, often highlighting the experiences of soldiers who fought -and -died in it. Very few works, though, offer the unique perspective of the soldier on the ground, in the heat of battle, detailing the conflicting thoughts and emotions that often consumed them from day to day - and moment to moment.-----Throughout the pages of "Digger Dogface...", though, Gary Prisk provides the reader with just such insight. Based on his own experiences in Vietnam, "Digger..." takes the reader on a vicarious journey through the heart, mind, and soul of a soldier struggling to come to grips with the unfamiliarity of his surroundings, as well as the uncertainty surrounding his future. Deep, raw, and real, Prisk's riveting narrative will serve as an eye-opening introduction to the gritty truths of war and conflict for readers heretofore influenced by pop culture's more glamorous depiction of its true nature. Furthermore, the not-so-subtle commentary that Prisk proffers on the Vietnam War - and such conflicts in general - ultimately proves to be quite difficult to rebut. Equally tinged with humor and gravitas, "Digger Dogface..." is an intellegent, insightful take on a pivotal time in world history that will never be forgotten. A highly recommended, enlightening read.

Product Details

  • Author: Gary R. Prisk
  • Publication Date: 2009-10-01
  • Publisher: Cougar Creek Press
  • Product Group: Book
  • Manufacturer: Cougar Creek Press
  • Binding: Imitation Leather, 512 pages
  • Features:
    • The leather bound, three-piece case features a
    • branded spine and blind-stamped cover. The interior
    • design and font size makes reading a pleasure.
    • The glossary makes translation of military slang
    • a breeze.
  • Package Dimensions:
    • Dimensions: 910L x 610W x 170H
    • Weight: 195
  • ISBN: 0615253431
  • ASIN: 0615253431

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