Palmyra - Isle of Death

Palmyra - Isle of Death

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In this fast paced adventure, modern day treasure hunters collide with ghosts of pirates from the past as Karl Boyd uses his outstanding writing ability to combine fact with fiction to tell his version of what really happened to the treasure of the Esperanza. Come along for the boat ride of your life and match wits with Bill "Skeeter" Whitaker and his buddy, Clete Palmer as they attempt to solve the mystery of the Esperanza. As this rollicking tale weaves its way between the beautiful isles of Hawaii and the far off isolated atoll of Palmyra, you will encounter murder, lies, greed, betrayal, unrequited romance and revenge.Is Karl's tale pure fiction, or, could his assumptions of where the treasure still resides be more historical fact waiting to be discovered? Decide for yourself, but remember:Only Palmyra, the isle of death knows for sure.

Product Details

  • Author: Karl Boyd
  • Publication Date: 2010-02-13
  • Publisher:
  • Product Group: Book
  • Manufacturer:
  • Binding: Paperback, 348 pages
  • Item Dimensions:
    • Dimensions: 600L x 87W x 900H
  • Package Dimensions:
    • Dimensions: 900L x 600W x 87H
    • Weight: 131
  • List Price: $19.77
  • ISBN: 0557256267
  • ASIN: 0557256267

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