Terrorism and Homeland Security

Terrorism and Homeland Security

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Written by acclaimed national terrorism expert Jonathan R. White, the market-leading TERRORISM AND HOMELAND SECURITY, 7th Edition is widely recognized as the most comprehensive, balanced, and objective terrorism book on the market. White provides a theoretical and conceptual framework that enables readers to understand how terrorism arises and how it functions. Packed with cutting-edge coverage, the book discusses the most sophisticated theories by the best terrorist analysts in the world, while still focusing on the domestic and international threat of terrorism and the basic security issues surrounding terrorism today.

Product Details

  • Author: Jonathan R. White
  • Publication Date: 2011-01-01
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning
  • Product Group: Book
  • Manufacturer: Cengage Learning
  • Binding: Hardcover, 688 pages
  • Features:
    • NEW! Completely revised and up to date, the ground-breaking Seventh Edition includes new or updated material in all chapters, offering cutting-edge coverage of nuclear and biological terrorism, cyberterrorism, targeted killings of terrorists abroad, piracy, emerging tactics and techniques, U.S. policy changes, detainee rights, and much more.
    • NEW! Reflecting the latest developments in the field, Part IV, Homeland Security, has been expanded. All-new Ch. 18, "Emerging Trends," introduces state-of-the-art law enforcement tools and techniques for combating terrorism.
    • NEW! "Critical Engagement" features in every chapter highlight a current controversy, giving students the opportunity to sharpen their critical thinking skills by grappling with real-world challenges.
    • The best-selling terrorism book on the market, TERRORISM AND HOMELAND SECURITY, 7th Edition is intended for use in the Terrorism/Homeland Security course taught by criminal justice, political science, and sociology departments. Its solid research and theoretical discussion make it an ideal text for both undergraduate and graduate level courses.
    • Providing maximum learning reinforcement, each chapter's Learning Objectives are carefully integrated within the text, matched to end-of-chapter summary sections, and linked to corresponding quiz/test items in the accompanying Test Bank, Companion Website, and Study Guide. Keeping students visually engaged, each discussion is enhanced with diagrams and flow charts to illustrate key concepts.
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  • ISBN: 0495913367
  • ASIN: 0495913367

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